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Hello ! Nice that you have find my HomePage, as you se its not all finnish yet.

But I try to fix one.

I´m living north of Stockholm. I am nearly five years old on Internet but this site is something new for me .


My work is on Tågia AB .We have service on the signalsystem on all undergrounds railwaystrains. And we have service and repair everything for safty-elektronic test-equipment etc.

I have been Radioamateur for about 27 year with amateurradiocallsign SMØKCR. I´m also instruct some newcommer in telegraphy (cw). When they are ready for examination I can take care about it or send them to some friend for that. Not everbody have that permission in our country to examinate newcommers only ca: 30 people. In a few week they can have a brand new amateurradio licence and callsign and start the new great hobby. This hobby is very big, we can do nearly what we wount ofcourse whats printend in our reglements by written in the radiolaw. We can make traffic on HF/VHF/UHF/SHF and EHF frequencis. The maximum power in Sweden is (1Kw) 1000 Watt. On the HF-band we can have and make contact al the 24 ours every day. With some special licence we can also run on 50MHz (6-mtrs) band. And there we can make very long distance contact in summertime. We call it sporadic E. This band is not open every day, so when we get contact we always been very happy about it. After each contact (QSO) we change QSL-cards (personal postcard) a verefication that we have made this contact. Only as a remember. And we collect the QSL-cards for fun and use it for feutcher things, for some awards for exsample. We run all the countries around the world on hf-band. The traffic mode is in talk mode LSB/USB/FM, CW = telegraphy "CW", RTTY = radio teletype, SSTV = slow scan television, ATV = Amateur radio television, and datatraffic with computers we call it packet-radio. Or you can also run traffic "QSO" via the moon. And if you have plenty of time you can build your own equipment for recieving and transmitting. If you dont have time for it or can, you can buy it in a ham-shop. This list can be very long so i will stop here. If you have been intrested after reading my page you can find a lot of people in your country, you can find people in some hamradio club in your country. mabye also in your town. They will give you more information about this big hobby. We can be manny more people it`s plenty room for everybody. And last YOU can ofcourse spoke with your near friend around the corner if you like.
That was the story of hamradio.


As you se now this is the most nature media for me. The Data,Radio and the telephone with modem are the feutcher and the next step into the year 2000.

If you have some tip or something to say, please send e-mail to:


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